Lucky Enough

In the subway, on streets or in restaurants, one can quite often witness people hurting their loved ones in a stupid way without knowing it: mother gave a cold shoulder to her children after spitting out unneccesary dirty words; adolescent kid putting an impatient face in front of the elderly; wife could’t stop grumbling in a voice loud enough to reach everyone around, only because her husband got her bubbled fanta instead of the orange juice that she asked for.

It could be just out of the uncontrollable impulses at those particular moments (I’m sure it was), but the instant disgust flashed upon people’s face, together with their ill-mannered words, made me feel ashamed and unbearable even just as an irrelevant passer-by.

I couldn’t help wondering how badly people would wish they had never done what they did, how they gonna be eaten up by their own regrets when they lose their loved ones at the end of the day. They would wish they’d behaved nicer when they had the chance to, other than aggressively venting their temper, getting unreasonably tetchy to test how generous love could be.

We frequently observe others blundered where we used to blunder. I doubt there’re anyone born with the gift of knowing how to treasure something good as it was happening. And for those who do cherish things, you never know how much she’s lost.




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