It’s kinda ironic to watch the movie of SATC2 alone after I just got stood up by one of my best girlfriends. Thank goodness the unpleasure didn’t ruin the movie. Actually I knew I would love it before I watched. As it’s just impossible for me to keep the minimal amount of rationality when it comes to the subject of SATC. So this is not a movie review, just some quick notes.

There’re several fragments that really touched me:

1. Vowing moment in the Gay wedding. When Anthony said to Stanley:” It was not love at the first sight, (everyone laughed) but it does turn out to be love……You’re the first person to take me as who I actually am,” he became unable to proceed because of the tears in eyes, and I had tears in mine too. (blush)

2. Charlotte and Miranda’s drinking talking in the suite’s bar. The two mothers finally got some moments to speak up things they dare not to even admit otherwise. The talking thing can be really burdensome from time to time, at moments like this, having someone to “Sip!” us is actually a bliss. And Miranda is definitely the perfect “Sip!” friend.

3. “Tonight’s just for girls, but I’m available tomorrow alllll day and night,” said Samantha, after she successfully hooked a target up. This can’t be the first time that I heard it from S, just as heart-warming as the first time. Everyone has an internal ranking system, that’s how we choose date A over date B, turn down date C to meet up date D. And for Samantha, despite of her obsession with sex, girls always outrank everything else. To some extent, that’s just what SATC is all about.


As to Carrie, except for the fashion icon, she always stands for all kinds of mistakes we could possibly make and all types of stupidity we could possibly be born with. She is the person that you look into the mirror everyday. The only difference is she always gets to have a happy ending and you don’t. (Welcome to the real world.)

Not exactly relevant here, but if I have to rank them, I would say Miranda is my fav. This woman is beyond words.

Lucky for me, I got to meet up another best girlfriend after the movie. And the HagenDaz she bought me made my day.



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