Two scenes

I’ve witnessed (well, one ear-dropped) two scenes today, both allowed me a slight glimpse of marriage – a thing everyone has been so obsessed with and so desperate to put themselves into.

Scene one happened on my way to work, while I was smoking waiting for the company shuttle.
A woman, with a baby attached to the front of her, was talking on phone with a sarcastic mean tone. It took merely 10 seconds for me (or any stranger around her in that circumstance) to figure out who exactly was she yelling at. It was her husband’s mistress, or I should say, in a way more familiar to all of us, the third one in a marriage, the little bitch.
From the conversation I learned that the mistress has also a child that belongs to the unnamed husband, which makes the whole story seem a bit cruel to me as the woman beside me is carrying a baby, which is still just an infant.
From the conversation I also learned that the woman has not even a slight accusation against her husband, who has slept with another one with a child born, but sole rage at the mistress she was talking to.
From the conversation, to be accurate it was her disorganized and foulmouthed group of broken words, I understood her several key points: 1, You like sleeping with my husband, fine with me. 2, You wanna raise his child, fine with me. 3. I would let you pass should you just give back all the stuff and money belongs to my husband.

When my curiosity was fulfilled, I crushed out my cigarette and headed right to the awaiting bus, not because I ran out of time, but I truly felt sad for the idiotic woman and her idiotic marriage.
Scene two was much less dramastic, and happened on my way back from work, on the company shuttle.
A male anchor who sat behind me was chit-chatting with a female colleague about his just-happened wedding. They were talking about how costly a wedding could possibly be, and how much effort was demanded during the preparation of it.
“My wife and I got registered in the end of 2009, and threw the wedding after almost one year,” he said.
“Why on earth was that for?” she asked.
“Well, um…we think after all we’d better follow the ordinary routine. And in an ordinary routine, a wedding is a must,” he sighed.
Well no, I’m not gonna comment anything on the subject, for any word against marriage would be easily deemed as cynical or attributed to some queer reason like “you’re too young to get to it.”
I also believe and tend to believe there must be some people happily married in the world, rare in my knowledge though.
What bemuses me a bit is, while I see people able to embrace marriage as unconditionally as they do, I seldom see the tolerance of a same level be granted to those who are not a fan of it.
That is gravely bizarre. 

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