An unexpected overnight.



I was in the middle of a movie when the messenger box popped out. The time was around two to three in the midnight, I can’t remember exactly. It was Jingjing, who asked me whether I could help her with a survey of her final project.

It later became a hybrid of a nice conversation with her and the rest of the movie. After everything, it was already five a.m. When I was about to sleep after shutting down the machine, the image outside somehow amazed me: the color of the sky has quietly whitened.

Unknown birds were tweeting.

This must be the gentlest overnight I’ve ever made, yet it doesn’t affect the innocence of a dawn.

It may be the same daybreak that one encounters in consciousness or after waking up from a sound sleep. Just two utterly different realizations.

Without any guiltiness I immersed myself in the euphoria by taking photos aimlessly with my dusted Canon. I realized it was foolish when I was doing all these. It was also the foolishness that further intensified my euphoria.

Now I’m losing idea about whether or not to take a poor-quality nap before the breakfast at 10:30.








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