Trivial matters.



Since writing has become the majority and priority of my daily life in terms of “a job”, my interest of writing something belongs to me is receding everyday.

It’s bad. Also good.

I bought a recorder, a years-awaited desire, before the inclusive interview yesterday. It’s actually a birthday present from someone close to me, though the process of getting it is in no way romantic. But like you said, let’s just be practical for now.

I was expecting the recorder can to some extent fix the blank of the forgone writing, though I know it won’t. I got no idea what I will talk about if I was talking to no one, not even myself, but a digital device. And as my concerns kept emerging, I realized something funny.

Maybe, I say maybe — Whilst I’m bothering with all these different manners to record what seems matter, I am just trying to numb myself and bury a fact, that nothing matters enough to be recorded.

But even to me it sounds too relentless. So screw it.

We’re all trivial living creatures and we’ve been happy with that for ages.





赶在昨天的专访前买了一支录音笔.我已经记不得自己是从什么年纪开始幻想拥有一支录音笔了,但对于可有可无之 物的欲念,总是一耽搁就许多年.而这只录音笔,实际上也是一份来自对我很重要的人的生日礼物.虽然到手的过程毫无礼物的情趣可言,但就像你说的,混社会, 还是实用点比较好.








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