Post-Room in Rome.

I randomly decided to watch this movie today, solely to kill my afternoon time at first, and felt terribly blessed for how this random decision has made my day unexpectedly.
It reminds me of how I have fallen in love every time, with absolute foolishness and blindness, believing love is what conquers all.
It also reminds me of several very close friends of mine, who share the similar nature with me, however differently our stories finally led us to.
Days ago I belatedly found out a facebook page of a friend, which she only shows to the the closest ones and reveals her saddest affections deep down, pieces of her broken heart. I happened to know most of what she has gone through. And above all, she puts:” I’m always in love.”
Maybe love IS really what conquers all. But we just easily confused passion, lust, wild urges, an instant rush of blood into the head, or whatever feels so intense that we thought it has to be love, with what love truly is. It’s probably the misunderstanding but love itself that hurts us. Strictly, I’d rather believe that way.
Loving a stranger is probably the most fatal thing on earth, and achingly beautiful.
But what really touches me about this movie is it perfectly shows that, while we should have guts to fall in “love” regardless of all (for this part we’ve done good enough), we ought to also have the true grit to let go.
This is the only way we get stronger.

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