A closure, a start?

So after the two days scratching my head making a critical decision, I realized I’m not even close to fulfilling one of my new year resolutions – be fearless. 

Actually, I have deep fears in my heart. Some of them have been there for quite a long time. For all these years, I’m dealing with them by pretending they don’t exist, while for this time, the very first time that I find pretentious ignorance doesn’t really work. 

The one thing you should know, darling, is feigned courage doesn’t make you a conqueror.

It sounds lame, I know. But I guess admitting the fear itself without fearing is also necessary. Since I’m already here – pretty far away from the person I’d wished to be, I just have to be honest with that. “Never fool the person in the mirror,” I surely believe this is the right thing to do and I hope I’ve done it correctly.

One Reply to “A closure, a start?”

  1. the last word “correctly”… correctly or not, it is like the question to be or not to be…
    no judge in this world that could make a decision to tell you if you are right or wrong, your action correct or not correct… it all relies on yourseld. you are the judge, if any

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