「week 1」 Sick days

I’ve been sick the whole weekend.

When I felt it in my throat on Friday night after going out with Lynn and Jae, I was devastated — I knew what it means, it means another unproductive and lifeless weekend. I can’t help hearing the irony, it’s like the higher power talking to me: hey, didn’t you just write an essay and brag about how independent you are? well, how about when you’re sick?

Somehow, since last year, I start to get sick pretty often. It always starts from an itchiness or a sharp pain in the throat, it’s like the body sending you a notice: get ready for the sick mode. But the worst thing is, when you get the notice, it’s already too late. Nothing you do will stop the process. You just have to go through the full cycle: sore throat, running nose, muscle pain, cloudy head, bad cough. If you’re lucky, it can be cleared in one week. Sometimes it can stretch to two weeks, or even a month.

When I was a kid, I was pretty healthy most of the time, seldom troubled by regular illness like a cold or fever. But in school, there’d always be a few kids who got sick very easily and often. I remember vaguely envying them, coz they seem to be able to take a lot of leaves and have a lot more going on in their young lives, while us, the healthy kids, could only sit still in the classroom, trapped by our boring homework. Years later, when a single sore throat could already annoy me so much and darken my whole weekend, I kinda wish I could apologize to those feeble kids: Sorry, I didn’t do you justice. Being sick sucks.

Overall, it’s a very unsatisfactory weekend. I didn’t swim, I didn’t meet anyone, I didn’t play guitar (and I can’t sing), I didn’t go back to Shenzhen, and I apparently missed another historic protest in Hong Kong. Yes, I blame everything on the sore throat.

P.S. One light in the bathroom started to blink today. When you’re sick, everything becomes a bully.

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