「week 2」Another run

How long does it take to turn something you hate doing into a “habit”? I can’t help wondering when I was running on the thread mill in the air-conditioned gym. It’s the (N+1)th time I tried to pick up running. I’m not particularly more optimistic or confident than previously, (I think I have lasted for roughly one month for my most successful attempt, which was 5 years ago) but I do think I’m a different person now. More self-disciplined is one.

On Saturday morning, as I walked down from Peel Street and was standing on Queen’s Road Central, right opposite to my gym building, I struggled for about 5 minutes in the middle of the street. (A situation I hate, an adult woman should always know where she’s going!) Going home seemed like a MUCH easier option after a night out. I chose the less easier one, going to the gym and run for 20 minutes.

Tonight after I was back from Shenzhen, I had this sudden idea of going for a swim. As I was lounging in my place and feeling cozy, time passed by. 6:45pm, 7:30pm. Staying home and having a chill Sunday night would be a much easier option. I chose the less easier one, going to the swimming pool and swim for 10 rounds.

In the water, gasping, I started to think, what’d happen if every time I’m faced with a pair of options I just always go with the less easier one? A friend of mine used to comment on me that “you’re always too easy with yourself.” A statement with some sort of truth in it indeed. And in general I’m sure I’m still always gonna be “easy” with myself, but just for curiosity’s sake, what if I just stick with the “less easier” rule for now?

Back to running. I didn’t start running this time for any particular reason except that one night over drinks, I randomly asked a runner friend why he run and after giving me a whole bunch of preach (like runners usually do) he said, “just try running 20 mins everyday for a month, then your body will start to want more.” Knowing my body for 32 years, I’m pretty sure my body isn’t gonna want more, but somehow I’m intrigued by this idea and decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

I wonder if I’m going through some kind of crisis (maybe one-third-life crisis?) since people tend to do things unlike themselves when they are in a crisis. In my case, I absolutely hate running, but I started to run. The bright side is, if this is a crisis, it’s a pretty costless one. (except for the three new Nike dry-fit tops I bought in the name of “running”.)

P.S. As my coughing doesn’t show any sign of leaving me alone, I start to contemplate on a much bigger question: Why is air-conditioning always so strong everywhere in HK? Is there a department in the Government that sets forcible guidelines for air-conditioning temperature in public area? If that’s the case, I think a protest against that wouldn’t be too absurd an idea. In fact, it could be highly effective.

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